Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dexter - Episode 4.2 - 4.3 - "Remains to Be Seen" and "Blinded By The Light"

I wish I could post these comments faster, not that anyone reads them anyway. There are a lot of shows on TV I'd like to talk about ("Mad Men," "Flashforward"), but just not enough time.

So, I've got some catching up to do since my last post on "Dexter's" season 4 return, "Living the Dream." Where we left our friendly neighborhood serial killer, he had just gotten into an awful auto wreck after falling asleep at the wheel. We weren't so much as concerned about Dex's well-being as we were about the possibility of authorities finding the dead body of Benny Gomez sorted into Hefty bags in Dexter's trunk. Suffice to say, Dexter was too smart for that, but due to a concussion from the crash, he can't remember where he hid the body. Paranoia and internal struggle ensues.

At this point, with a quarter of the season already past, the first three episodes are truly episodic, unlike the more serialized nature of the first three seasons. There are some continuing plot threads, but Dexter's problems are more specific. Something tells me, though, not for long.

Here is what we learn in the the last two episodes:

1. Dexter's "Dark Passenger" is pretty damn smart.

2. Rita is growing suspicious of her husband after she discovers he lied about the severity of the accident, the intensity of his concussion. Then, to top it all off, at the end of episode 3, she witnesses him breaking the neighbor's security light on purpose.

3. The neighborhood is very chummy and will become a major thorn in Dex's side as the season progresses.

4. The Trinity Killer is really scary and has a strange pattern of behavior. He kills a young girl in a bathtub, a middle aged woman with two kids by making her jump off a building, and bludgeons an older man to death. He also likes to leave the bodies as a showcase.

5. Lundy is still pining for Deb.

6. Angel and LaGuerta's office romance is not without consequences as it pertains to the "Vacation Killer" case.

7. Quinn is a "dirty" cop -- steals money from crime scenes and fucks hot reporters.

So far, season 4 has been remarkable and thoroughly enjoyable.

I have a couple theories as to where this is all going.

1. Trinity is going to make Lundy his third target. Lundy fits the profile and his death would also put an end to the investigation of Trinity's work.

2. Rita is going to discover that Dex kept his old apartment and will get really close to learning his secret, if not learning it outright.

3. Deb is going to leave Anton and discover the truth about Laura Mosser.

4. LaGuerta and Angel's relationship will be revealed and they will get in BIG trouble.

Can't wait till this coming Sunday!

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