Monday, January 25, 2010

First Promo Shot for Lost Season 6!

The producers of "LOST" have been very tight-fisted about revealing images/clips from season 6, showing only promo trailers featuring previously seen footage. Well, Friday, on Watch with Kristin at E! Online, Jennifer Godwin posted a new promo featuring the first image from season 6.

And what a cool image it is! Claire! With a gun! Looking like shit!

We haven't seen Claire since the episode "Cabin Fever," when she was looking completely relaxed in Jacob's cabin kickin' it old skool with her dad. She'd abandoned Aaron in the woods, and was gone with no explanation. What the fuck has gone on with her since?

Some have speculated that in the episode, "The Shape of Things to Come," she was killed in an explosion that destroyed her home in New Otherton, and was walking around the Island as a dead soul, ala Christian, Dave, and other apparitions. This theory seemed to be supported by the fact that Miles (who can talk to dead people) kept looking at her funny, forcing Sawyer to demand he keep his distance from Claire.

In Nikki Stafford's exceptional episode guide, Finding Lost: Season 4, she brings up a couple quotes from Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse that highlight Claire's story. It seems they want us to think about how strange it is that Claire's hanging out with a dead guy, and to question the notion of "What is dead?" In light of season 5's cliffhanger, in which Jack attempts to show us that even death can be reversed, this question takes on new meaning. I don't know what to make of it yet.

As for the promotional clip...

If Claire's carrying around a gun, looking frazzled, and (dare I say it?) Rousseau-like, it would seem she has not had an easy time, hanging out in Jacob's cabin, living the Island high-life. It makes for an interesting parallel that she does look so much like Rousseau in this photo. They have similar stories. Both were pregnant when they came to the Island; both gave birth there, too. Their children were taken from them and raised by others. Of course, Claire gave up Aaron, but he was still taken by Kate.

My speculation is this: Claire has lost her fucking mind, like Rousseau, and is living in the jungle, fighting for survival. When she reappears, she will be a different woman: harder, shrewder, scarier. I don't think she will remember what happened to her the night that Aaron was taken from her, or anything involving Christian. She will assume Aaron was stolen, and she will do anything to get him back.

Regardless of how it pans out, this screencap gave me goosebumps, and if I wasn't already jazzed enough about season 6, now I'm climbing the walls!

By the way, here's the new promotional trailer:


  1. So exciting! Just over a week to go!

  2. Ah! She looks so crazy now, doesn't she? I really like Sweet Claire. I like what they are doing with her though (even though I have no idea what they are doing), it is most unexpected!