Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Last Thoughts on "LOST" Episode 6.1/6.2 -- "LA X"

No one is really mentioning Sayid's role in the parallel timeline on Oceanic 815. We've all been (understandably) invested in his death and "resurrection" on the Island in the Temple. Most of the recaps I've read mention Sayid's penchant for "kicking" things, and his pursuit of Nadia's affection. Some have mentioned the Iranian passport revealed when he's looking at Nadia's picture.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and speculate that Sayid is not coming to the U.S. to reunite romantically with his long lost love. One thing I noticed about the scene is that the photograph of Nadia in Sayid's passport was not the same as the one we've all become familiar with that includes her inscription on the back in Arabic. This leads me to believe that Sayid wants something different with Nadia here in Los Angeles. What does he want exactly?

My belief is he wants to finish the job he started in Iraq.

Just as all the survivors backstories seem to have changed ever so slightly, it would be interesting is Nadia had been able to escape the clutches of the Republican Guard without Sayid's aid, maybe because of his oversight, and now he is chasing her, much like the Marshal had been chasing Kate all over the North America and into Australia.

Sounds chilling, doesn't it? Maybe Sayid is no longer the tortured torturer. Maybe he's perfectly in tune with his natural instincts and is chasing down the one that got away with the intent to kill.

Just a thought.

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