Sunday, February 14, 2010

More on "LOST" 6.3 -- "What Kate Does"

I was reading the comments of Fishbiscuit over at DocArzt (Fish's commentary, by the way, are some of the most well thought out on-line), and it was remarked that Kate officially makes a choice in this episode as to whom she chooses, Jack or Sawyer.

Fish brings up the scene in which Jin asks Kate, "What do you care about, Kate?" right before she takes off after Sawyer. Leading up to this scene, Kate has watched Sawyer walk right out of the Temple, and has created the lie that she will follow him with the intent to persuade him to return. She lies to Jack, and despite his tender goodbye, she turns away from him.

After I first watched the episode, I was struck by the question, "What exactly did Kate do?" I wasn't sure. She helped Claire, she pursued Sawyer -- that pretty much seemed it. How was that any different from shit she's done in the past? Fish's thoughts made me realize that what she really does here is make a choice -- she's a Sawyer gal. As the T-shirt says, she wants to "Get LOST with Sawyer."

What are the ramifications of this as the season progresses? Does Kate return to Jack with her rejected tail between her legs to offer him up some sloppy seconds? Or does she head out on her own to find Claire by herself? I'd like to think she goes alone, just as Sawyer did, realizing that there's nothing left for her at the Temple. Jack is a new man, with a different path from hers. He is learning the importance of separating himself from the troops, Dogen-style. And one thing is sure about Kate: despite her wishy-washy, indecisive behavior, she is restless and relentless in getting what she wants. Fuck, she robbed a bank to get a toy airplane.

She'll find Claire, no doubt, because their fates are inevitably intertwined.

2004-2010: Love Triangle. R.I.P.

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