Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Emerson and Lindelof Autographs!

Here's the picture I drew of Ben Linus -- back in season 3. I was just beginning to do a series of portraits of our favorite LOST characters (I also completed Jack and Kate). As you can see, it is definitely based on season 3, because, as my son pointed out, it says that Ben "knows Jacob," which we now know wasn't true.

At the top left hand corner, though, you can see the two autographs I got at PaleyFest. Damon Lindelof's is the one on top; Michael Emerson's is just below that. It was nice showing it off to them both, and to get a nod of approval in the midst of the swarming fans.

All right! Hope you like the picture. Enjoy your Tuesday night and "Sundown." I'll be back tomorrow (or later tonight) to share my thoughts about it.

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