Tuesday, March 30, 2010

If LOST Were "Buffy..."

Lately, because of the "cork" metaphor, there have been a lot of comparisons between LOST and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I remember thinking the same thing when Jacob held up the wine flask and explained how the Island is holding back all the true evil from infiltrating the world -- sure sounded like a Hellmouth to me.

Well, keeping with the grand LOST fan tradition of imagining the show with a different title sequence (there were some ultra-fun 90s sitcom LOST title sequences on YouTube last year), someone has put together a new one imagining the opening credits of LOST to the music of Buffy. Enjoy! (Although, it sure would've been fun to have the last title card read "And Michael Emerson as Ben Linus.")

And because I never like to take credit for finding anything, I first saw this on DocJensen's site at EW.com.

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