Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Early Thoughts on "LOST" Episode 6.1 and 6.2 -- "LA X"

It was worth the wait.

Well worth it.

Tonight the first episode of "LOST's" final season, "LA X," premiered and reminded me -- as if I needed it -- that this is the greatest television show ever. I'm definitely a gushing fanboy, there's no doubt about that, but "LA X" is one of the most daring, clever, and heart/gutwrenching chapters in the show's history.

That's saying something.

We got some important answers tonight. I still need to re-watch, and will post more analysis tomorrow, but here are some of the answers we received. (Spoiler alert!)

1. Juliet's detonation of "Jughead" split time into two parallel timelines. In timeline A, Jack and the Oceanic survivors are back on 815 headed for LA X. In timeline B, they have time traveled forward into 2007 back to the site of the destroyed Swan Station.

2. Juliet dies, but not before she and Sawyer are able to have a tearful goodbye.

3. Jacob's Nemesis (who will be called Nemesis from now on by me simply because I love the sound of it) is the Smoke Monster.

4. The ash that was surrounding Jacob's Cabin was designed to keep the smoke monster out. Apparently, he's allergic to the stuff.

5. The item inside Hurley's guitar case is a giant ankh that, when broken open, contains a handwritten note from Jacob. It essentially says that Sayid can't die or bad shit will happen.

6. The Temple is a, well, temple. There is a well-spring in the middle that has healing properties. This is where young Ben was brought by Richard Alpert.

7. The stolen children are hanging out at the Temple, living it up with the Others.

I probably missed a couple other answers, but those are pretty big ones. None is larger, though, than the reveal that the Nemesis is the Smoke Monster. When this happened, my son, Matt, jumped off the couch and cried out, "I called it! I called it!" Indeed, the 12-year-old theorized this back in season 5. This is the first time one of his theories has been proven right. That child's going to be flying high till next Tuesday on that alone.

As I write this, I haven't read any analysis yet, but I imagine the BIG topic of conversation is going to be about the "resurrection" of Sayid. The ghost of Jacob instructed Hurley to take Sayid to the Temple for healing, but after Sayid was submerged in the healing waters he died. Everyone said he was dead, including Jack, who never wants to admit a person's dead when they are within the reach of his hands. Despite this, Sayid rises at the end of the episode before the boom. How is this possible? John Locke wasn't resurrected; he was replaced by the Nemesis. Can Sayid be real, or is he someone else? No doubt many will believe he is a manifestation of Jacob, but I'm not so sure. I'll elaborate further on this tomorrow.

Till then, feel free to discuss. What did you like about the episode? Dislike? Do you think Sayid is someone else now? Talk, talk, talk!


  1. ^ Um. Yes?

    I thought the episode was AWESOME! Except that Sayid is dead.

  2. I'm not so sure Sayid is dead, Joan. Miles was right next to him after Jack had accepted it, and Miles seemed like he couldn't get anything from Sayid.