Monday, February 1, 2010

"LOST" Promo -- American Version of Cuatro Ad

A few weeks back, a Spanish language advertisement for the new season of "LOST" hit the web for a station called Cuatro. The promo was widely acclaimed by "LOST" fans, especially in light of the lame ABC promos that showed a severe lack of originality.

Apparently, ABC got the message on all of the "LOST" sites and redubbed the Cuatro commercial in English with Terry O'Quinn (Locke) doing the voice-over. This is a stirring commercial, and on the eve of the season 6 premiere, it gets me even more amped.

By the way, I saw this on DocArzt's website, and am reposting it here.

Enjoy the premiere, folks! I'll be back tomorrow night with fresh analysis.


  1. So awesome! That song gave me gossebumps, do you know who sings it?

    That's right - gossebumps, goosebumps smaller, slightly stupid companion.

  2. I think it's a Radiohead song, Joan, although I stand to be corrected.

  3. Joan, the song was Radiohead's "Everything in Its Right Place" from their album "Kid A." It is an amazing song, and used to perfection in that promo. Last night's episode just made the promo look that much more well thought out.